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Durability of Materials

Now that you have spent hours of love, sweat, (and maybe tears) caning your chair, you want to know, "how long will it last?" That's hard to say. As with anything in life, how something is used, and how well it is taken care of, determines its longevity. However, here are some general figures based on observation and experience:
      Hand Cane - 20 to 25 years
      Fibre Rush - 20 to 50 years
      Natural Rush - 50 to 75+ years
      Cane Webbing - 10 to 20 years

hank of natural cane

Natural Strand Cane

used in chairs with holes around the seat.
Determining cane size: measure the diameter of the holes and the distance from center to center. An average chair (72 holes) will take 250'
holes in chair frame
Diameter   Center to center   Choose this size
1/8 .5/16-3/8 Carriage
1/8 .3/8 Superfine
3/16 7/16-1/2 Fine-fine*
3/16 1/2-9/16 Fine*
1/ 4 9/16-5/8 Narrow Medium*
1/ 4 5/8-3/4 Medium*
5/16 3/4-7/8 Common
*Most commonly used
round woven seat
Pricing -- Hanks
Cane size Hank length Price
Fine-fine 1000' $32.00
Fine 1000' $35.00
Narrow-Medium 1000' $38.00
Medium 1000' $40.00
Common 1000' $45.00
Extra Long Strands (12' and longer) add $10.00
1/3 Hanks
Cane size Price
Fine $13.00
Narrow-Medium $15.00

hank of binding cane

seat woven with binding cane

Binding Cane

similar to strand cane, but cut wider and thicker. Used for binding around hand caned seats or as a seating material on any chair with rungs or rails around the seat or back.
4mm narrow 500' $18.00
5mm medium 500' $20.00
6mm wide 500' $22.00
Extra Long Strands (12' and longer) add $15.00
another binding cane seat

prewoven seat
prewoven webbing
roll of prewoven

Cane Webbing (Prewoven Cane)

used in chair seats or backs with a groove around the edge. Secured with a spline in the groove. To determine size, always measure from groove to groove, at the widest points, and add 2" extra. For example, a 14"x16" seat would need a piece of cane 16"x18".

Width Price per Foot Each Add'l Inch
12" $5.25 43
14" $5.75 48
16" $6.00 50
18" $6.50 54
20" $7.25 60
22" $7.75 65
24" $8.25 69

Reed Spline

All spline 30 per foot
Fits in the groove with glue to hold prewoven cane. Measure the width and depth of the groove. Or send a sample if possible.

roll of flat splint reed flat splint reed seat

Flat Splint Reed

Made from the core of the rattan plant. It is most commonly used in a herringbone pattern on chairs with rungs or dowels around the seat or back. Average chair (approx. 14"x16") requires 1 lb. (1 coil).

3/8" or 1/2"wide $8.50 per pound

roll of fibre rush fibre rush seat

Fibre Rush

A very durable one ply twisted paper made to resemble real twisted bulrushes. Average chair requires 2 lb., however, be sure to order enough for all chairs because the color may vary slightly in each shipment.
size #4 1/8" diameter
size #5 5/32" diameter
size #6 3/16" diameter
(most popular size)
All sizes:
2 lb. $10.00
4 lb. $19.00

roll of seagrass
seagrass seat

Twisted Seagrass (Hong Kong Grass)

A two-ply rope of twisted grass made for hundreds of years by the Chinese. It resembles Genuine Rush in color. Because it's hand made, it varies in size and texture. Average chair requires 2 lb.

#3 (most common size) 2 1/2-3 lb. coil $10.00

roll of real rush

Pre Twisted "Real Rush"

A natural twisted rush material. The closest thing to genuine rush seats available without hand twisting the bulrushes or cattails yourself. Average seat requires 2-3 lb.

1 lb coil $9.00


*In my opinion book covers
Making Chair Seats - Ruth Comstock
4 booklets in one: Cane, Rush, Seagrass and Splints
(best for splints and seagrass)*
Comstock single booklets:
Seagrass $2.50

booklet covers
Chair Seat Weaving for Antique Chairs - Marion Burr Sober
HandCane, Fibre Rush, Genuine Rush, Ash Splints & Shaker Tape Weaving
(best for handcane and fibre rush)*
Sober single booklets:
Fibre Rush $3.00

Chair Seat Weaving for Antique Chairs - K. C. Parkinson
Herringbone Weave $3.00
New England Porch Weave $3.00
The Caners Handbook - Miller/Widess $21.95
The Craft of Chair Seat Weaving - Stearns $21.95

Duncan book cover
How to Buy and Restore Wicker -Thomas Duncan
(Best book on restoring wicker available)*


glue Soft wood wedges
much better than hardwood wedges
Glue syringe
used to insert water for spline removal
Rush Shuttle
useful in weaving fibre rush and seagrass
Caning pegs
tapered hardwood, much better than golf tees
Caning Glue
a liquid hide glue, originally made from rabbit skin (or hide) but now made from fish oil. A high tack, slow setting, and water soluble glue. Best for prewoven cane, but also excellent for fine furniture as well.
4 oz. $4.95
8 oz. $8.95
tools Spline chisels: #1 - 1/8 wide, #3 - 3/16 wide $15.00
Caning Awl $2.00
Weave Rite Tools
(originally for basket making, but excellent for chair caning as well)
Curved spline chisel $19.95


Gallons $40.95
Quarts $19.95

We recommend Waterlox brand of tung oil finish for all types of caning, seatweaving and even basketmaking. Brush it on for splints and fibre rush. Wipe it on hand cane, prewoven cane, and binder cane. We don't use a finish on Hong Kong grass.